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We would love to hear from you whether that's with ideas about what you would like to see at the cafe, offers to help or any donation to get us started or to collaborate on setting up programmes get in touch below.

We are still looking for the following if you hear of it being donated or low cost:

  • Paint to redecorate

  • Folding outdoor tables and chairs

  • Stacking tables and chairs for the shelter area

  • Food prep items like commercial chopping boards, knives, storage containers

  • Baking trays

  • Commercial cleaning products

  • Infrared heating system

  • Security camera system

  • Till printer

  • Aprons

  • Soup Urn

  • Table top commercial oven

  • Board games

  • Wooden shelving

  • Pendant lights



Have ideas about what you would like to see at the cafe

Want to set up a programme with us - Contact Sam 

Have anything you would like to donate? 

General Inquiries

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